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27, Feb , 2019

Stuck with HP computer trouble? Contact the experts over the HP Computer tech support number ( +1-888-657-9666 ) for quick help. HP computers, printers, and peripherals do not need any special recommendation as the brand value is huge in all parts of the world. The company comes up with regular updates and upgrades for its products making it a modern era device. But as with all different types of PCs, HP users can also confront unprecedented issues or glitches that might need proper troubleshooting. Do not worry as no issue is a permanent one and can be resolved within a matter of time.

What will be the best way to get instant solutions? Dial the HP Computer tech support number and reach out to experts. They are the ones who can help you diagnose and troubleshoot the glitch in your system.

Common HP Computer Problems

Are you aware of the symptoms in your PC or Laptop? It is a preliminary thing before starting the troubleshooting. Given below are some of the common troubles that you might face with your PC:

Windows Do Not Start

Is your computer running out of power or no boot? You will be unable to proceed with your work if the window doesn’t respond in the first stage.

The screen is blank when the computer is turned on

The problem might be with the power supply or with other components.

There is a beep sound when the computer is turned on

When there is one or two short beep sound before starting, it indicates that the BIOS startup is successful. If the system doesn’t start after beeps then there might be a serious hardware problem in the system.

An error message is displayed while turning on the computer

There can be different types of error messages that are displayed on the screen as follows –

File is missing

Disk boot failure

CPU fan failed

Disk boot failure

Checksum error

OS not found

Real-time clock error

Smart failure

The system freezes out

There can be various reasons behind the problem and one needs to be really knowledgeable to identify the glitch. It is better to contact the HP computer support professionals over the problem.

Perform a hard reset for a quick solution to the HP computers

There are different types of troubleshooting steps to fix the system error. Performing a hard reset will be the best option to troubleshoot any kind of system error.

A hard reset does the following –

  • It helps clear the memory
  • It enables the reestablishment of connection between the hardware and the BIOS
  • The windows start responding
  • Solves the black screen problem
  • It wakes the computer from sleep or hibernate modes
  • Makes the system responsive

HP printer tech support number will be the best option for the users for getting instant solutions. The technical experts diagnose the problem remotely and provide instant troubleshooting. If you are not a tech-savvy person then better you ask for help to the professionals.


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