How to Troubleshoot HP Notebook laptop Error Code 3F0?

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16, Jul , 2018

The error code 3F0 on appears on HP Notebook laptop appears that indicates the failure of your device. It shows that the device has been failed when the verification is performed for each for each of the devices for the purpose of required bootable files where the PC verifies whether another device is available or not. Additionally you should be aware of the BIOS is configured in order specify the order of the computer in which they will be accessed for bootable hardware devices. Here the most usual form of bootable devices is the internal hard drive, external USB drive, optical CD/DVD ROM drive, and the network adapter. Also, you should be aware of the problem that appears, when the computer BIOS checks for all the listed devices but cannot find all bootable files. If you are also facing the same error code on your HP laptop, you can take help from experts over a call at HP Laptop Customer Support Phone Number +1-888-657-9666. Furthermore, you can also the steps are given below in order to troubleshoot the error code 3F0.

Step 1: Perform the Hard Reset:

  • 1. Hard reset is one of the methods that need to be performed, the hard reset usually erases all the information stored in the computer memory and might also help to restore the functionality of the computer in normal mode.


  • 2. It is advisable for the user to reset the computer that will force the system in order to clear and reestablish the software connections totally between the BIOS and the hardware architecture as well.


Step 2: Restoration of the BIOS Default Settings. This procedure is little difficult, for which you can also consult experts at HP Laptop Tech Support Phone Number for instant help and instructions.

  • 1. First of all you need to turn the computer drive off and further, wait until the procedure shows its impact.


  • 2. Further, you have to press the “Power” button in order to start the computer. Here, you need to keep pressing the “F10 key” continuously in order to enter the “BIOS setup’ menu.


  • 3. Now, you need to navigate to the “BIOS Setup screen”. Now, you have to press the “F9” button in order to choose and load the BIOS Setup Default settings carefully.


  • 4. Once you complete the process, hit on the “F10” key to “Save Exit” from the specific section.


  • 5. Work with all the arrow keys to press on the Yes button and tap on the “Enter’ button when asked to “Exit Saving Changes”


  • 6. At last follow the instructions in order to restart your computer.

Moreover, in case of any query or doubt, feel free to contact our support desk through HP Laptop Technical Support Number +1-888-657-9666. The number is available round the clock by which you can reach our experts and technicians anytime anywhere. Moreover, you can also visit our website where you can explore more about our support services.


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