16, Jul , 2018

How to Troubleshoot HP LaserJet Scanner Error 3030?

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HP is one of the most reputed brands, which is honorably known for producing computing devices like PC desktop, laptops, tablets, printers and scanners. Over a short span of time, HP has become a reliable and successful company in term of latest products. HP Products are top class products which are unique and best in the features, so they are now in the big demand among users. These products are not only popular in India, but also they are famous in all over the world. HP scanners are very advanced scanning devices which are fully equipped with latest and unique features. These scanning devices are very famous for their scanning quality. HP LaserJet Scanner is one of them. While using it, you can face HP LaserJet Scanner Error 3030 unexpectedly. To solve this error, you should take technical expertise from certified scanner experts.

This technical error occurs due to a thin film of ozone or dirty dust build up inside the scanning device.  Also another cause may be due to paper pieces. To fix this error, you need to take professional help or technical advice. Here, we are describing some important steps to solve this error or you can call at toll free HP technical support phone number 1-888-657-9666 to get quick technical guidance over a short period of time.

Step 1:- You need to turn off the printing machine and eliminate the power cord. To resolve, you make possible efforts to eliminate your keyboard cover and unclip it in the front upwards.

Step 2:-You have to disconnect your keyboard, unclip it and slide sideward. You have to turn up it and switch it off.

Step 3:- Eliminate all the screws of your HP scanning machine and scanner assembly cover.

Step 4:- You need to clean all mirrors. But while you need to perform this activity, recognize that the mirrors and scanner are surface coated and they are simply damaged or broken.

Step 5:- Repair your scanner cover and need to clean it internal side out of your scanner glass. Now, eliminate all of jammed papers to ignore scanner to miss read its locality.

Step 6:- As per printer experts, you try to check the registration strip which is found in the underneath of the scanner glass. Repair your scanner glass, keyboard and its cover.


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