How to Fix the HP Laptop Screen Problems?

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08, Feb , 2019

HP Laptops are renowned for its functionalities and regular updates that make it a renowned electronic brand across all continents. But the user at times confronts difficulties with the system that is usual with any other electronic devices. Sometimes the common laptop problems can be really annoying and it results in hampering of crucial works. People with better troubleshoot understanding are able to fix issues more efficiently and in a timely manner.

HP laptop screen issues are the most common system troubles. If you are a laptop user for a long time, you surely might have faced the problem of laptop turning black screen. It is a common phenomenon and the user should not panic in such a situation. The laptop screen repair is possible through simple troubleshooting steps and doesn’t require a technical hand in the preliminary stages. Although, the users might need an expert hand in case of a serious system glitch.

 Why the laptop screen turns black?

There are numerous reasons that cause your laptop screen to turn black. The faulty hardware can be one of the reasons behind your HP laptop full black screen. The laptop can also display a black screen due to various software troubles. Look for HP Laptop Screen Repair through proper system troubleshoot. First connect an external monitor to the laptop firmly and check whether the display is working or not. If the external display is working then there is an issue on the HP laptop screen and it is needed to be fixed by the expert technicians. 

Is the external monitor still black after connection? If yes, then it should be the hardware issue within the laptop or the software issue is the system. You don’t need to be a technician to perform a simple laptop reset. Hard reset can solve the minor laptop screen problems within no time.

Steps to hard reset the HP laptop:

  • First, turn off the device.
  • Remove the hard drives, power, peripherals, and the battery from the device.
  • Press and hold the power button for 60 seconds and release it.
  • Now again put the battery in and plug the charger.
  • Boost the laptop and see how it works now.

Some of the other HP laptop screen troubles are as follows –

  1. The laptop screen is blank or there is no image on the screen
  2. The image on the screen flickers or has distorted colors
  3. The images on the laptop screen has small dark or light dots
  4. The image on the screen is stretched or has fuzzy text
  5. The image on screen shrinks as the external display is connected

Still stuck with the HP laptop screen repair? If the problem is solved then you have just identified a solution for the black screen issue. If the problem still exists then better you try other troubleshooting steps or contact the HP laptop technicians. An expert hand or advice makes the job easier for the users.


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