16, Jul , 2018

How To Fix HP Computer When It Does Not Wake Up From Sleep Or Hibernate Mode?

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While working on your HP computer if you are facing trouble where your computer does not wake from sleep or hibernate mode. The problem might appear due to multiple reasons such as low disk space, incorrect installation of program and software, and lot more. If your computer does not wake up from sleep or hibernate mode, then you can try to restart your computer, change a setting or update the software and drivers, such steps would definitely help you to overcome the problem. Moreover, you can also avail help from the experts via HP Computer Support Helpline Number, where you will get assistance from the highly skilled technicians. Furthermore, you can also try the steps that we have mentioned in the blog.


Step 1: Restart the computer:


Here, you need to restart your HP computer that will erase all information stored in the computer memory that might restore the functionality of the computer. In case the issue persists then continue the second step.


Step 2: Enable the keyboard to wake the computer


In Windows, you need to search for and open the “Device Manager” and then click the arrow located near the keyboards. Further, you can double-click the name of your keyboard.


  • Here, you need to click the “Power Management” tab.


  • In case the power management tab is not available then you should click the “Change Settings” button. Here, the same “Keyboard Properties” window launches with the power management tab available.


  • Type the password or provide confirmation if you are prompted for an Administrator password.


  • Now, choose the box next in order to enable this device to wake the computer and further click “OK”.


  • In case the issues still appear, then you should try the next step given below.


Steps 3: Check for updates from HP


If you have not updated your computer with the most current software or driver then your computer having the most current software and driver updates from HP installed on your computer might resolve the issue. Moreover, you can use HP Support Assistant in order to automatically find and install the latest updates regarding your computer. HP personal computers usually come up with Windows and HP Support Assistant. You can also install the updated version of HP Support Assistant from the relevant site or source. Follow the steps to do the same-


  • First of all you need to launch HP Support Assistant in Windows.


  • Then, you need to click “My Devices” in HP Support Assistant and further click Updates in the window for your device.


  • Now, you have to click “Check for updates and messages”.


  • Here, the HP Support Assistant will check for the latest updates automatically.


  • Make sure the checkbox next to each update is checked, if there is new updates are available then you should click “Download and install” the updates.


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