16, Jul , 2018

Check out the Troubleshooting Steps for HP Laptop Screen Repair

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Like any other portable device, most of the HP laptops are vulnerable to technical problems, and laptop screen repair is diagnosed by the procedure of elimination. There are usually five important components to a laptop screen that includes the laptop LCD or LED screen itself, the backlight, the flex cable, the inverter and the motherboard. Most of the time, the instant reason behind the problem is ostensible once the laptop screen has damaged or broken because of any physical disturbance. Other times, the source of the problem is not so obvious. In this tutorial, we will learn the best way to repair the HP laptop screen problem or call experts through HP Laptop Technical Support Number +1-888-657-9666, where you can get instant technical help from the well-trained technicians.

Check out the steps to troubleshoot the HP laptop damaged screen-

  • The first thing we need to check is we are facing with a laptop screen repair and not a power failure or other laptop issue. This can be done by enduring that the laptop power is processing perfectly. If the display is correct and you can simply see your laptop booting through the BIOS and into Windows, it means that the rest of the laptop seems to be working fine.


  • Additionally, in case the screen is damaged or cracked, then you will be required to plug the laptop into an external display and fix from there. In case the external screen is not showing up a correct display while booting up, but you can hear the laptop turning on chime properly, then you have to confirm that the external monitor is functional.


  • Next, try to plug the laptop into an external display and see that it is booting up properly, then it’s time to check the main problem. In case the screen is just black or dark, then drop a flashlight in order to brighten the screen around the top left corner. In case, you see the display with the help of the flashlight, then we know the screen is receiving data properly but isn’t lighting up. This will whether be an inverter issue or a backlight problem. Check if the inverter is damaged to faulty, you will require replacing it with a new one. If the inverter is functioning perfectly, then it is strongly recommended to change the laptop screen instead of trying in order to troubleshoot the backlight. The repair is difficult and requires technicians help to which you can reach via HP Laptop Tech Support Phone Number.


Laptop screen repairs are a critical and delicate operation that needs to be performed under the supervision of trained and skilled technicians. And to get the best support from the experts, you can call at HP Laptop Support Phone Number +1-888-657-9666 that will help you to reach our support desk without any trouble. Moreover, you can also connect with our helpdesk via online live chat and Email respectively.  Furthermore, you can also visit our website and can learn more about technical support and the method we use to make you free from the daunting situations you are having with your HP laptop.


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